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Unveiling the Agricultural Blindspot in Your Supply Chain

Unlock Crop Insights

Reveal, Understand, and Control Your Incoming Agricultural Raw Materials

The Blindspot

In the world of supply chain management, the process of crop cultivation often remains overlooked. While logistics, production, and transportation get the limelight, the field – the birthplace of your crops – exists in a blindspot. Existing technologies fall short, leaving supply chain functions without a clear understanding of what occurs at the source.

Blindspot in Your Supply Chain
Agronomic Data & Insights​

Agronomic Data & Insights

Imagine a supply chain where visibility extends down to the farm level, providing clarity into the processes shaping your agricultural raw materials. Unveiling this blindspot equips you with insights to influence the quantity and quality of your crops. From estimated arrival timelines at your facility to detailed insights into sustainability practices like chemical usage and traceability, every layer becomes transparent.

Gain Control at Scale

Controlling agronomy at scale is the key to transforming your supply chain from a passive entity to a dynamic force shaping the very essence of your products. By gaining control over the cultivation process on a large scale, you not only ensure consistent quality but also have the power to adapt to evolving market demands. With Agritask, you’re not merely responding to the market; you’re driving it.

Gain Agronomic Control
Influence your crop cultivation

Influence Quantity, Quality & Sustainability

With Agritask, you don’t just observe; you actively influence your crop cultivation. Gain the ability to enhance specific quality parameters tailored to your needs. Whether it’s elevating vitamin C percentages or adjusting protein levels in barley, Agritask provides the tools to shape the output. Sustainability practices are not just monitored; they are controlled. Manage pesticides and irrigation to align with your sustainability goals, transforming your supply chain from a passive observer to an active influencer

Agricultural Supply Chain - Knowledge Hub

Yield management

Yield Management Module

Complete Crop Oversight: From Planting to Harvest with Agritask’s platform

Production Optimization – From Seed to Factory

Production Optimization - From Seed to Factory

Continuous, real-time visibility into agricultural production, monitoring quality and yield

Agricultural Blindspot

Bridging the Agricultural Blindspot

How can the agricultural supply chain overcome the blind spot related to crop cultivation?