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Shaping Crop Quality & Sustainability: Agritask’s Framework

From Seed to Harvest

Redefine your agricultural supply chain operations

Agritask increases the visibility and influence over how your raw materials are grown

Influence crop quality


Estimate crop quality


Manage crop quality


Influence the Quality of Crops Throughout the Growing Season

Agritask equips Food and Beverage companies with the software to influence crop quality proactively. Optimize seed variety selection based on data-backed insights and actively monitor & manage pest and disease pressures to mitigate risks of contamination and spoilage.

Regenerative Agriculture dashboard
Agronomic data analytics

Estimate the Quality of Incoming Crops

Agritask enables Food and Beverage companies to estimate crop quality during the season. By utilizing remote sensing tools and agronomic reporting workflows, the platform evaluates variable produce quality. Continuous monitoring of crop health provides real-time insights for timely adjustments and consistently high-quality yields.

Manage the Implications of Quality Management and Certification Processes

Agritask streamlines quality management and benchmarking by providing a centralized view of quality items, simplifying decision-making. Plot traceability and yield compliance ensure document verification, compliance with standards, and safeguarding of brand reputation.

Proactive Yield Protection

Agronomic Yield Knowledge Hub

Yield management

Yield Management Module

Complete Crop Oversight: From Planting to Harvest with Agritask’s platform

Production Optimization – From Seed to Factory

Production Optimization - From Seed to Factory

Continuous, real-time visibility into agricultural production, monitoring quality and yield

HZPC – Decision support system (DSS) for potato growers

HZPC – Decision support system (DSS) for potato growers

Supporting farmers to grow better via digital tools