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Ensure Sustainability
at the Source

Drive and monitor sustainability programs across globally distributed growers and suppliers, delivering measurable impact and meeting value chain due diligence and sustainable sourcing goals.

Sustainable Farming

Manage regenerative agriculture programs and corporate sustainable procurement initiatives, flexibly balancing sustainability and yield requirements. Promote supply chain resilience and sustainable sourcing by providing agronomic support and data-driven incentives and rewards.

Sustainable Sourcing
Responsible sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Monitor and document social and environmental metrics for agricultural production to ensure sustainable sourcing. Accelerate certification (such as 4C, rainforest alliance, etc.) carbon accounting, supply chain due diligence and sustainability compliance processes, including CSRD reporting.

Empower Sustainability across the Value Chain

sustainable & regenerative farming initiatives

Promote and scale sustainable & regenerative farming initiatives

Your ingredients are grown half a world away, how do you make sure they are grown sustainably?
Connect with smallholder farmers to monitor and support the implementation of regenerative agriculture and sustainable sourcing projects with scalable agronomic guidance and integration with precision agriculture tools.

sustainability certifications

Accelerate sustainability certification, reporting, and audits

Standards, certifications, compliance, credits – Authenticating Sustainability initiatives is a challenge.
Resolve compliance issues and streamline reporting and documentation across globally distributed supply chains to create audit-ready certification and carbon offsetting reports.

sustainability programs

Clear and measurable impact metrics

With billions invested in sustainability programs, how do you measure the impact?
Assess progress and correct course towards your corporate sustainability goals. Track resource usage, scope 3 emissions, and additional KPIs. Qualify compliance incentives for outstanding farmers.

Resilient Supply Chains - Theory & Practice

Case Studies and Insights from the Ground Up