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Predictable, Resilient Supply Chains

Optimize food supply chain management by planning, monitoring, and supporting globally distributed agricultural production through analytics, operational insights and scalable agronomic reach.

Supply Planning

A holistic pre & post harvest view of crop yield and quality per variety, enabling accurate planning of supply timelines. Optimize food supply chain management with plot based documentation and food traceability, facilitating enhanced quality assurance and informed decision making on grower contracting and sourcing.

Food Supply planning
Agronomic optimization

Agronomic Optimization

Remote agronomic monitoring tools and support for corporate agronomists, enabling scalable agronomic advisory with embedded best practices and digital agronomy analytics tools.

Control Supply Risks at the Source

Secure food supply quality

Secure supply quality through embedded best practices and farming protocols

Your growers are varied - your product is not.
Empower growers with precision agronomic tools, scalable guidance and insights to minimize quality variance in ingredients. Embed best practices and agronomic protocols directly into easy-to-use, digitized workflows to keep your growers connected, informed, and efficient.

Mitigate food supply chain disruption

Mitigate supply chain disruption

Droughts, pests, chemical abuse - supply chains have never been more vulnerable to disruption.
Predict, mitigate and adapt to emerging risks and disruptions at the plot level, across thousands of growers and suppliers. Guide growers and agronomists with timely alerts and actionable insights. Plan ahead and adapt with early yield forecast and harvest timing, for better food supply chain management.

Seed-to-factory cost optimization

Seed-to-factory cost optimization

From input misuse to supply variations - Lack of visibility costs money.
Track in-season production and progress to avoid budget discrepancies. Support efficient agricultural production, optimizing the use of inputs and maximizing quality yields. Make long-term supply planning decisions with cross-supplier benchmarking.

Resilient Supply Chains - Theory & Practice

Case Studies and Insights from the Ground Up