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Sustainable Compliance

Streamlining Agricultural Sustainability and Regulation with Agritask

What's in it for you?

Reduce environmental footprint


environmental footprint

Streamline sourcing strategy​



Centralize sustainability processes into one platform​


sustainability processes into one platform

EUDR Compliance

Agritask enables optimization of supplier due diligence processes to meet deforestation and legal requirements. With the impending EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), food & beverage companies need a robust tool to ensure compliance across their supply chains. Agritask offers an application providing comprehensive checks on suppliers, optimization recommendations, and streamlined compliance processes. Stay ahead of evolving regulatory landscapes and ensure responsible sourcing practices with Agritask’s EUDR Compliance Application.

EUDR Compliance
CSRD Compliance​

CSRD Compliance

Agritask streamlines CSRD compliance by translating field-level data into sustainability metrics and simplifying complex reporting processes. Leveraging GIS data, surveys, and in-app evidence collection, we provide accurate environmental metrics, such as carbon and chemical accounting, risk maps, and tools for ensuring accountability across the value chain. By streamlining the process, we help companies meet CSRD requirements efficiently, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout their value chains.

Surveys & Standards

Agritask centralizes and streamlines survey processes, simplifies remediation management, and accelerates data collection. Our user-friendly audit mobile app empowers surveyors and growers with configurable, data-rich tools. Decision-makers and project managers can seamlessly track survey progress, identify issues, and manage remediation across multiple surveys. Designed for agriculture, our solution offers offline mobile surveys, automatic GIS data import, and efficient communication, even in partially connected settings.

Standards and Surveys
Plot Traceability​

Plot Traceability

Agritask empowers food and beverage companies to supervise and validate responsible sourcing practices. By tracing the origin of their produce, enterprises can ensure their commitment to ethical and environmental standards, encompassing aspects like deforestation, labor laws compliance, regulations on input usage, and more.

Due diligence and reporting knowledge hub

The Link Between ESG and Financial Statements​

Financial statements and ESG statements are like a symphony playing in perfect harmony.

Navigating the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR)

An Introductory Guide for Food & Beverage Companies and how can Agritask help you comply.

CSRD blog

What do food & beverage companies need to know about the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.