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Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Practices: From Implementation to Impact with Agritask

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Managing Regenerative Efforts

Regenerative agriculture is a vital practice to conserve resources and promote sustainable farming. Agritask empowers food & beverage companies to manage regenerative initiatives in their supply chains effectively. Our platform provides real-time, site-specific data and crop-region recommendations from your corporate agronomists, enabling companies to collaborate closely with growers and support them with their journey towards regenerative farming.

Managing Regenerative Efforts​
Empowering Regenerative Practices

Empowering Regenerative Practices

Agritask facilitates and supports a range of regenerative practices, including soil coverage and cover crops, crop rotation, minimal soil tillage, integrated pest management, and optimized nutrient use. These practices help conserve soil health and reduce input usage. Agritask enables corporate agronomists to deliver agronomic advice at scale, verifies implementation, and supports growers in adopting these practices, all while ensuring compliance and sustainability.

Tracking Effectiveness Indicators

To measure the impact of regenerative efforts, Agritask provides a comprehensive set of key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics include soil health indicators, such as soil organic matter and compaction, resource use data, like fertilization and pesticide usage, carbon footprint, and yield & quality trends. By tracking these indicators, companies can assess progress, make informed decisions, and achieve their regenerative agriculture goals.

Tracking Effectiveness Indicators

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