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Plot Traceability

Transparency from the Source of Agricultural Supply Chains by Agritask

Our Process

Map supply chain and assess risks


supply chain and plots

Track produce from the source


produce from the source

Report and document required data​


and document required data

Meeting Sustainability Goals

Traceability allows food & beverage companies to monitor and verify responsible sourcing practices. By tracking the source of produce, businesses can ensure compliance with ethical and environmental standards. This supports sustainability reporting, including carbon emissions and ethical sourcing, contributing to a more eco-friendly and socially responsible supply chain. Manual data entry ensures accuracy, making it a valuable tool for sustainability adherence.

Meeting Sustainability Goals​
Enhancing Supply Chain Resiliency​

Enhancing Supply Chain Resiliency

Plot traceability allows tracking of produce, offering real-time insights that lead to significant benefits such as cost reduction, operational efficiency, and informed decision-making. It not only minimizes errors and losses but also upholds product quality and safety standards. While manual data entry is required, the advantages of reduced risks and improved product quality make it an indispensable component of a robust and resilient supply chain.

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Production Optimization – From Seed to Factory

We saw an a 11% increase in high quality yield as a result of using Agritask.

Navigating the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR)

An Introductory Guide for Food & Beverage Companies and how can Agritask help you comply.

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