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Crop Management

Complete Crop Oversight: From Planting to Harvest with Agritask

Crop Management - What's in it for you?

Manage data collection and supporting evidence


Overall operations, including field visits, harvest and chemicals

Survey the fragmented supply array of growers


Crop quality and cultivation

Crop Management - foresee Incoming crop supply


Incoming crop supply quantity and quality

Season Monitoring

Agritask equips you to make informed decisions at every stage of the growing season, ultimately leading to healthier crops and better yields. From planting schedules to crop conditions and soil analysis, we utilize field reporting and remote sensing to provide you with real-time insights and reporting.

Seasonal Monitoring​
Agronomic Crop Management

Yield & Harvest

Elevate your crop management throughout the entire crop cycle, from pre-harvest to post-harvest. Scouts and farmers use Agritask to report on critical aspects such as harvest timing, quantity, and quality checks, complemented by yield estimations. Spanning the entire crop journey, Agritask digitizes this data for efficient management and documentation.

Integrated Pest & Disease Control

Efficiently oversee pest and disease control by initiating scout assignments and field monitoring, backed by comprehensive evidence documentation. With tools that enable scalable agronomic advice, we can directly provide farmers with effective and approved chemical treatment recommendations.

Integrated Pest & Disease Management​

Crop Management knowledge hub

Production Optimization – From Seed to Factory

Coordinating optimized harvest timing had resulted in a 11% increase in high quality yield

HZPC – Decision support system (DSS) for potato growers

HZPC and Agritask developed a precision agriculture platform for potato farmers