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Agricultural Cost Profiler

Streamline Sourcing, Optimize Performance, and Empower Growers with Agritask

Our Process

Select and tailor the relevant survey for region & crop


and tailor the relevant
survey for region & crop

Survey the fragmented supply array of growers


the fragmented supply
array of growers

Analyze agronomic activities and costs


agronomic activities
and costs

Unlocking Efficiency Through Data

Agritask’s Agricultural Cost Profiler application revolutionizes the way food & beverage companies assess the true “cost of produce.” This mobile survey tool empowers farmers to provide vital information about their cultivation activities, input costs, and yields. The data collected is a game-changer, allowing businesses to optimize their sourcing strategies, improve production efficiency, and foster trust and transparency across the supply chain.


Cost Profiler - Unlocking Efficiency Through Data
Data-Driven Decision-Making​

Data-Driven Decision-Making

The Cost Profiler identifies systematic inefficiencies and cost-drains throughout the supply array, offering a comprehensive view of production costs. It enables companies to benchmark suppliers and regions for production efficiency, costs, and cultivation practices. This newfound insight enhances sourcing decision-making, ensuring that every sourcing strategy is finely tuned for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Empowering Growers

By engaging with the survey, farmers gain access to easy-to-use management functions that provide financial insights into their operations. This not only ensures fair compensation for their produce but also serves as a powerful incentive for growers to optimize their cultivation activities. The tool simplifies reporting and operational optimization, making it an essential resource for farmers looking to enhance their yields, reduce costs, and contribute to sustainable agriculture.

Empowering Growers​

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