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Agritask Launches Risk Assessment Engine for EUDR Compliance Solution ​

Crop supply intelligence company enables food and beverage companies to automate and optimize their EUDR risk calculation and address non-compliance per the regulation.​

Tel Aviv, Israel – March 12, 2024: Agritask, a crop supply intelligence company, today announced the introduction of its Risk Assessment Engine for its EUDR Compliance Solution, designed for large-scale food and beverage operations to map supply chains and collect and analyze plot data in line with the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). The new Risk Assessment engine offers an advanced algorithm to automate and optimize risk assessment, further enhancing Agritask’s comprehensive EUDR Solution that also uniquely enables traceability, mitigation actions and reports in line with the regulation’s due diligence process.

EUDR, global food and beverage manufacturers utilizing ingredients such as coffee, cocoa and palm oil in their final products must prove compliance with regulations focused on deforestation and other local social and environmental laws.

“EUDR is paving the way for more sustainable food supply chains and addressing the growing deforestation issues, making food and beverage companies take responsibility for their suppliers,” says Ofir Ardon, CEO of Agritask. “Agritask’s New Risk Assessment Engine as part of our EUDR solution provides food and beverage companies with the advanced intelligent tools they need to assess plot risks, manage complex remediation and generate audit-ready due diligence reports.”

The EUDR Compliance
Solution offers food and beverage companies critical features to map their supply chains – the first and most challenging step to ensuring compliance with EUDR’s information requirements – and to gain actionable insights on the data. Companies can map the exact polygons of farms through various methods such as direct spreadsheet upload, digital map drawing, or AI plot mapping through a mobile app.

Following the first step of mapping polygons, users can then cross-check the area against deforestation and legal data from third-party data sources to identify potential violations. The solution will aggregate data, assess risk factors, and identify issues in one easy-to-read dashboard, covering a range of topics from deforestation and community rights to other country-specific issues such as corruption and human rights.

Beyond risk assessment, Agritask’s solution also provides further investigation or mitigation actions to help users complete steps in the EUDR due diligence process.  Plot polygons are associated with specific purchase orders or batches of goods by integrating with ERP systems, which was built to align EUDR compliance with companies’ operations. The process is completed by facilitating the automation of relevant documentation ready for use vis-a-vis regulators.

Moving forward, Agritask will expand the solution’s capabilities and features in tandem with the evolving regulatory landscape and clearer ­­­­­requirements of EUDR. For more information about Agritask, visit

About Agritask:

Agritask is a Crop 
Supply Intelligence Company, providing visibility into predictability and sustainability of crop supply for food & beverage enterprises. Our SaaS platform is a crucial link that directly connects enterprises to growers and suppliers at the source of their value chain. Leveraging augmented agronomic data, AI/ML, and data analytics, Agritask equips Food & Beverage enterprises with invaluable insights and cutting-edge tools. Agritask helps these enterprises optimize supply operations and achieve & quantifiably measure their sustainability goals while mitigating risks across globally distributed farming ecosystems.


Media Contact:

Melissa Africano

Corporate Ink for Agritask

[email protected]

+1 617- 969-9192