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Are you doing all you can to secure crop supply?

Crop supply is becoming more and more unpredictable, especially under the effect of climate change. Most food and beverage companies manage their crop supply using informal communications with their suppliers or local agronomists, using unstructured data and methodology. 

You know crop supply is critical:
Consistent crop supply creates an efficient and predictable supply chain; it also influences your end product quality and availability to consumers. Many food and beverage companies are missing a
big opportunity
to create consistent quantity and quality of crop supply:

Analyzing field data at scale with no boots-on-the-ground.

secure crop supply with Agritask

Optimizing Crop Supply for Procurement and Sourcing

Procurement and sourcing leaders know that data from the fields is crucial to understanding expected crop supply quantity and quality. But day to day, most companies spend more time optimizing their logistics and manufacturing processes than they spend optimizing incoming crop supply. When trying to manually keep track of data about many fields, the processes to anticipate how much yield and its quality will reach the manufacturing facility need to be improved.

What if you could receive expected risk notifications months before the raw materials reach your manufacturing facility?

You can. And it starts by collecting and analyzing geo-located data from remote sensing and virtual weather stations tailored for each crop variety and for each plot of land, with no field resources.

Current practices of data collection include weekly meetings between procurement and agronomists from the field, endless phone calls and emails, and even setting weather notifications for each region on your mobile phone. This manual process is daunting, not accurate, and requires intense manual work and expert agronomic analysis. The more farmers and plots you work with, the more accurate risk assessment becomes impossible.

Our solution provides portfolio-level visibility on yield risks, implications and timing, at any given time throughout the season, with no required boots-on-the-ground.

While waiting for yield prediction data modeling to be more accurate, we can start monetizing the tremendous value of receiving risk indications in advance.

How can procurement and sourcing leaders optimize crop supply and mitigate risks?

Agritask’s approach is unique and focuses on providing you with the intelligence you need to take action. We will provide you with advanced risk notifications to let you know how much yield is at risk, and where and what the risks are. As a result, you can focus your agronomists on where issues likely are, seek new suppliers, source from different regions, buy raw materials early on when the market price is still low, and much more.

The outcome: You will be able to know ahead of time that you might be facing shortages, and will have time to prepare accordingly. Your crop supply will be efficient and more predictable, your costs will be optimized, and your end product will be available to your consumers, exactly the way they like them.

secure crop supply

Yield Intelligence Dashboard

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