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Scaling Regenerative Agriculture: Why are Food and Beverage Companies Struggling?

Scaling Regenerative Agriculture Challenges

Regenerative agriculture has emerged as a promising solution to address sustainability challenges in the food and beverage industry. FAIRR‘s assessment reveals that 63% of the 79 evaluated companies explicitly incorporate regenerative agriculture into their sustainability blueprints. However, scaling these practices across global supply chains presents significant hurdles. Let’s explore some key challenges faced by food […]

Don’t Wait for EUDR: Why Food Companies Must Embrace Geo-Location Data Now

Geo-Location Data for Food Companies

Food and beverage companies are facing a new imperative: the need to collect and manage geo-location data for the source of their agricultural raw materials. This shift is not just a trend, but a fundamental change in how the industry operates, driven by a combination of regulatory pressures, consumer demands, and sustainability goals. At its […]

Climate-Smart Agriculture: A Triple Win for Food and Beverage Companies

Climate-Smart Agriculture

As a food and beverage company, ensuring a stable and sustainable supply of agricultural raw materials is paramount to success. However, the impacts of climate change pose significant risks to supply chains and long-term viability. This is where climate-smart agriculture presents a compelling solution, offering a triple win for businesses, the environment, and the communities. […]

Why Food & Beverage Companies Need Primary Field Data

Importance of Primary Field Data

The food and beverage industry faces increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Achieving third-party certifications has become essential for companies to verify their sustainable practices. However, one of the biggest challenges in obtaining these certifications is the collection of accurate and reliable data from agricultural fields. This blog post explores why it is crucial for […]

Clear Path to Quality: Enhancing Efficiency with Agronomic Visibility

Agronomic Visibility

Visibility into the quality of incoming agricultural raw materials (agronomic visibility) is paramount for food and beverage companies, transcending beyond mere appearance and taste. Quality encompasses visible properties such as size, color, and nutritional content, alongside chemical, physical, and biological aspects that influence overall product integrity. Moreover, quality extends to sustainability, encompassing factors like chemical […]

Addressing Upstream GHG Emissions in the Food and Beverage Industry

Addressing Upstream GHG Emissions

Addressing Upstream GHG Emissions in the Food and Beverage Industry Food and beverage companies are key players in the battle against greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to their significant influence over supply chains. While regulators and policymakers have been increasingly stringent in holding corporations accountable for their environmental and social impacts, recent developments in regulatory frameworks […]

How Agri-Food Giants Are Embracing Regenerative Agriculture

Embracing Regenerative Agriculture

The UN Environment Program underscores the urgency of tripling annual investments in nature to approximately USD $400 billion. This financial endeavor is daunting but pales in comparison to the colossal spending power of the 79 companies evaluated by FAIRR. The FAIRR Initiative assessed 79 publicly listed agri-food companies with a combined annual revenue of USD […]

Brewing Sustainability: The Complex World of Coffee and Cacao Cultivation

Brewing Sustainability The Complex World of Coffee and Cacao Cultivation blog

Coffee and cacao, those cherished beans that fill our cups and plates, are not just commodities; they’re the lifeblood of over 140 million people worldwide, including 30 million smallholder farmers who depend on them for their livelihoods. These crops also serve as essential exports for many developing nations, contributing billions of dollars in revenue each […]

Unearthing the Potential of Agriculture in Carbon Sequestration

Unearthing the Potential of Agriculture in Carbon Sequestration blog

In the pursuit of a greener future, industries across the globe are reevaluating their practices to curb carbon emissions. Among them, food & beverage companies hold a unique position to make a significant impact by embracing carbon sequestration in agriculture. This blog post delves into the realm of crop-centric carbon sequestration, outlining the ways in […]

From Sustainability to Profitability: The Link Between ESG and Financial Statements

From Sustainability to Profitability blog

From Sustainability to Profitability: The Link Between ESG and Financial Statements In the world of food and beverage companies, the traditional financial statements and ESG statements are like a symphony playing in perfect harmony. Financial statements provide the melody of a company’s financial health, while ESG statements enrich the music with purpose and impact. Together, […]