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Don’t Wait for EUDR: Why Food Companies Must Embrace Geo-Location Data Now

Geo-Location Data for Food Companies

Food and beverage companies are facing a new imperative: the need to collect and manage geo-location data for the source of their agricultural raw materials. This shift is not just a trend, but a fundamental change in how the industry operates, driven by a combination of regulatory pressures, consumer demands, and sustainability goals. At its […]

Climate-Smart Agriculture: A Triple Win for Food and Beverage Companies

Climate-Smart Agriculture

As a food and beverage company, ensuring a stable and sustainable supply of agricultural raw materials is paramount to success. However, the impacts of climate change pose significant risks to supply chains and long-term viability. This is where climate-smart agriculture presents a compelling solution, offering a triple win for businesses, the environment, and the communities. […]

Why Food & Beverage Companies Need Primary Field Data

Importance of Primary Field Data

The food and beverage industry faces increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Achieving third-party certifications has become essential for companies to verify their sustainable practices. However, one of the biggest challenges in obtaining these certifications is the collection of accurate and reliable data from agricultural fields. This blog post explores why it is crucial for […]

Top 4 Technologies to Adopt for Building a Climate-Resilient Crop Supply Chain

Building a Climate-Resilient Crop Supply Chain

As global climate patterns continue to evolve and weather variability becomes increasingly unpredictable, food and beverage companies are facing unprecedented challenges in managing their crop supply chains. From extreme weather events to shifting climatic conditions, the impacts of weather on agricultural production are becoming more pronounced, posing risks to both farmers and food producers. In […]

Coping with Agricultural Shortages: Understanding Crop Supply Risks

Coping with Agricultural Shortages: Understanding Crop Supply Risks

Navigating the sourcing of essential ingredients has become increasingly complex, influenced by a multitude of interrelated factors. These complexities extend from environmental shifts to geopolitical tensions, creating challenges for securing vital crops. Herein we discuss the dynamics behind crop supply shortages, highlighting their real-world impact through examples from the market.   Climate Change: A Major […]

The Bitter Reality: Understanding the Soaring Cocoa Prices

Cocoa prices soaring

Cocoa, cherished for its rich flavor and linked with comfort, is a key component in chocolate, a beloved treat worldwide. Its versatility and potential health benefits have cemented its role in global cuisine. Despite its widespread use, recent market shifts, notably soaring prices, have raised industry concerns, highlighting underlying challenges. Based on the global cocoa […]

Supply Chain Engagement: From Farm to Table

Supply Chain Engagement: From Farm to Table

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, the food & beverage industry faces numerous challenges in ensuring the quality, sustainability, and traceability of its products. One crucial aspect that is gaining increasing attention is supply chain engagement – the collaborative involvement of all parties in the supply chain, from growers to manufacturers. This blog explores why […]

Bridging the Agricultural Blindspot: A Necessity for Food & Beverage Enterprises

Agricultural Blindspot

Agriculture lies at the very heart of the Food & Beverage industry. Without a thriving agricultural sector, the food giants of the world would be left with empty plates. This industry is characterized with extensive supply chains and complex production processes, however without a consistent and high-quality source of ingredients, these companies would be left […]

Navigating the Challenges and Innovations in the Potato Cultivation Industry

Data-Driven Potato Cultivation

The potato cultivation industry, like many others, has seen its share of challenges in recent times. Yet, despite the hardships, those involved in this field exhibit remarkable resilience and determination. They have embraced technology and innovation (Data-Driven Potato Cultivation) as their allies, helping them overcome obstacles and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of potato cultivation. […]

Crop Supply: From Compliance to Agronomic Optimization

Crop Supply: From Compliance to Agronomic Optimization

How Leveraging Advanced Technology Empowers Food & Beverage Companies In the dynamic landscape of the food and beverage industry, dealing with the volatility and instability of crop supply has been an enduring challenge. Food and beverage companies have had to deal with these uncertainties, especially as the importance of sustainability has surged on both governmental […]