About Us

We are Ag-management specialists and our mission is to power the world’s smartest, most efficient farms

Our Vision

AgriTask was born with a vision: to enable world farmers to benefit right now from Precision Agronomy and advanced agriculture technologies, from any starting point, without the anxiety and high cost of managing multiple technological systems, and without changing their current work habits. Our configurable turn-key system has proven this vision in practice, providing world growers of any crop and key ag-players with a both comprehensive and yet easy to implement and use system.

Our Practice

We operate as a holistic ag-platform, which integrates multiple agronomic technologies into a Farmers Intelligence Ecosystem. AgriTask correlates between various data layers of ground data, analyses of aerial images, forecast data, and activities that are performed or planned for specific crops, for deeper ag-insights and more educated decision support to all agriculture players.

AgriTask has proved its outstanding ability to easily deploy customer friendly solutions that differ significantly in their objectives and market segments. The system is growing with the farmer and his ag-managers, and stimulates them to use more ag-technologies by making technologies, easy accessible to them on one integrative and simple to use platform.

Our Team

Ron Moskovitz


Israel Fraier


Ofir Ardon


Amit Noam


Yuri Magrisso


Andrew Schetinin

VP Software R&D

Amir Szuster

VP Business Development

David Gruberger

VP Projects

Ana Lúcia Lourenço

VP Remote Imaging & GIS

Dona Valchkova

VP Implementation and Support

Omri Krikeb

Director, Agriculture innovations

Andrey Krasnopolsky

UI-GIS Development Expert

Elena Kim

Quality Assurance Manager

Erez Ben-Noon

Agronomic Expert